Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Moringa Oil

Genius Moringa oil is Pure , Odourless , Transperant oil 

Moringa oil is wonderfull cosmetic remedy for skin care

It Moisturizes the skin and hair and Gives proper Nourishment with its emollient properties and soothing effects

It makes the skin very softy and glow 

It prevent skin cracks, discoloration, dry skin , Thickening of skin and many skin disorders since it has medicinal and cleansing properties it has been used as many skin applications like lotions , ointments, suncreen lotions, Facial Mask etc 

Moringa oil Removes Ageing marks and cures Skin nutrition depletion and cares skin very mucht has High Content of Oleic acid and it easily penetretes into skin layers and maintains the skin texture 

Availability : 1 litre and 200 ml bottle

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