Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Moringa Seeds

Genius Nature Herbs offers an indegenius Moringa Oleifera Hybrid seed variety from secured line breeding system .This Unique
variety can withstand drought and various environmental ups and downs.
Yield Specialities
  • Superior Moringa Variety with commercial Viability
  • Long and Fleshy and Pods with Desirable Attributes
  • Green and Abundant Nutritive Leaves with Massive Production – Suitable for Making
    Moringa Leaf powder and by-products
  • Rich Oil content 38 to 42 % of Oil
  • Ready for harvest in 150 days
  • Highest Yield of Drumsticks - 400 Fruits/Per Tree- upto 30 seeds/per pod
  • Early fruit-bearing and tends to mature in short time.Fleshy and Tasty Fruits
  • Flowering starts within 90-100 days .. Flowering Twice per Year.
  • 100 to 150 Flowers in One clusters.. More than One Pods per Clusters
  • Pods are 70 – 80 cms Long
  • 220 pods per tree Huge Production 35 – 40 kgs of Pods per Tree
  • Edible Maturity within 65 days from Flowering

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